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Henry Fayols Legacy And Contribution To The Management Science Assignment

Henry Fayols Legacy And Contribution To The Management Science - Assignment Example He therefore developed management ideas through personal experience as Chief Executive, and wrote ‘elements’ of administration in â€Å"Administration Industriele et Generale†, which was published in 1961 (Wren & Bedeian 2009). Abilities that he felt were essential in a manager include physical, mental and moral qualities, general education, and specialized knowledge and experience (Wren & Bedeian, ). The absence of management training in schools made Fayol see the need for management theory and identified fourteen principles of management (Fayol). He was a French management theorist. He was one of the most influential contributors to modern concepts of management, having formulated five primary functions of management- planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating and controlling ( Fayol). Henri Fayol is generally referred to as the Father of Modern Management theory (George, 146),in view of his extraordinary and revolutionary input to administrative management. Indeed, he is to administrative management while what Taylor is to scientific management. He later died in 1925 in Paris France. History of management science The management historians trace back the early origin of management and their pioneer ideas, which is the foundation of our modern formative thinking, its founders as well as well their contributions in the field d of management. As noted by early scholars such as McMahon and Carr (28), there is an increasing distance between the student and scholars of today and early scholars such as Henry Fayol among others. Through a critical examination of early biographies and early accounts, the relationship between the early and today’s management thought is established. In this case, we may gain a more complete understanding of own intellectual, reflections, and study of those of who have gone before and continue to study from the past as it forms the present (Bedeian) One such scholar is a Henry Fayol, who is thought as being the father of modern management science. As noted in Charles de Freminville, a synopsis of Fayol’s and Taylor’s thinking is explored. In this paper the modern management science is examined and its contribution to the modern field of management. It studies some of his theories, procedures, tools and techniques and it affect the modern management thought amongst scholars and student of management. His legacy and thoughts are unearthed to bring to light the dynamics of management and how the present scholars have been refined or been altered it. There is need to distinguish between management science and arts and note the difference and this influences the managers’ roles. As noted, the management as art is older as compared to the management as a science. Henry Fayol’s contribution to the body of management thought will be explored. Literature review: what other have said about Fayol Many models have explained the Henry Fayol and his contributions to the field of management. One such theory is the influence of Fayol’s work on other scholars in the fields of management. Gullick ( 13; 457) have a great impact on public administration. Gullick also found the acronym POSDCORB best to describe the executive’s job. Urwick utilized Fayol’s writings to promote a functional approach to management in developing his theory of administration and organization. The writings of Fayol have reached the international arena and pointed

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