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Two Writing Styles

Questions: Task 1 Compare and contrast the two writing styles and write an essay that explains which is nearer to the style of writing that is found in academic literature. Task 2 Conduct a job search for the positions which suit your profile. Choose one position for which you might apply and do the following: a) Prepare a CV in the relevant format. b) Write a suitable cover letter expressing your interest in the position. Answers: Introduction This particular assignment focuses on the comparison between the two styles of newspaper articles titled Refugees welcome? How UK and Germany compare migration and The human tide moving this way: Fury and fighting as rail station is closed to migrants. The comparison between the writing styles of these two articles will be presented. A response will be presented in respect of the article Workers under 25 dont deserve living wage because they are not as productive, says Tory minister. Task 1 Article title and content: The first article bears the title Refugees welcome? How UK and Germany compare migration and the content of the article is about the escape of nearly 4 million refugees who fled from Syria and settled in countries like Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Germany. Germany is expected to provide shelter to nearly 8, 00, 000 refugees and till date The European Union have provided highest number of refugees proportionate to the total residents of the country (Bottcher et al. 2015). The role of the government of the countries providing shelter to the Syrian people has been assessed where majority of the government were expected to show open approach regarding acceptance of the refuges but in most of the cases, they have failed. Berlin has mentioned that all the 28 states of the EU must provide shelter to the refuges based on a quota system where the refugees will be divided accordingly as per the capacity of the states in providing shelter (Ullman et al. 2015). Private engagement among the people of Germany is another noticeable factor in this context where the residents of the country have taken individual effort to ease the life of the refugees taking shelter in the country by distributing necessary commodities. Media have evaluated the roles of then government of two countries UK and Germany and their attitude towards the refugees (Bahcekapili and Cetin 2015). The German tabloids covered the refugee migration with sympathy whereas the tabloids of Britain possessed negative feedbacks about the migration. In Germany, significant response has been facilitated from the field of sports where banners were waved welcoming the refugees in Germany and effective approach for supporting this banner wave through #tag war in Twitter. Similarly, along with providing shelter to higher number of refugees direct attacks on the refugees have been higher with 336 attacks in 2014. The legal framework criticized the policies of some of the countries where the government of these countries denied taking the burden of responsibilities of the migrants (Heisbourg 2015). Article writing style: This is entirely a news article where the media has duly highlighted the scenario of migration of people from war-fed Syria and response of the people as well as the government of Britain and Germany has been reflected. This particular article provides informative knowledge about a particular incident and the related incidents that has taken place in response of the main event (Wolff 2015). This article creates an impression about the after events and the steps taken by the government in response of the migration from Syria. Impact of the article: This particular article highlights the crisis in the countries like Germany and Britain regarding providing shelter to the migrants. The impact of this article have created immense response to the individuals (Germans) who undertook responsibilities to take care of the migrants to ease their life. On the other hand, the ineffectiveness of Britain was highlighted regarding acceptance of the migrants (Wolff 2015). Article title and content: The title of the article is The human tide moving this way: Fury and fighting as rail station is closed to migrants. The main content of this article demonstrates that Hungarys main railway station had to be shut down forcefully due to increasing pressure of refugee migration. These migrants were involved into arguments with the police as they were prevented from boarding the train bound towards Austria and Germany despite of having valid train tickets (Bahcekapili and Cetin 2015). The non-migrants were only allowed to board the train and the migrants claimed that their lives are at risks hence, should be provided with opportunities to leave the country. Decomposed bodies of the migrants were discovered as well as nearly 2500 people died while trying to cross Mediterranean Sea. The migrants paid nearly 100 pounds but later on were rebound from boarding trains. EU leaders emphasized that these migrants would be shifted to different countries all over Europe according to the financial strength of the economy. Similarly, Britain has been opined to start providing shelter to the migrants more effectively. The entire situation has been commented as humanitarian crisis where the entire human race in danger. Article writing style: This particular report is a feature article where the editor or the article writer is informing a certain incident (story) and trying to highlight the impacts of the incident on the lives of people and the economy (Ullman et al. 2015). The author also highlights the measures undertaken by the EU and the other European nations regarding provision of shelter of the migrants from Syria in different countries of the world. Reference Bahcekapili, C. and Cetin, B., 2015. The Impacts of Forced Migration on Regional Economies: The Case of Syrian Refugees in Turkey.International Business Research,8(9), p.1. Bttcher, S., Neubauer, K., Baillot, A., Rieder, G., Adam, M. and Diedrich, S., 2015. Stool screening of Syrian refugees and asylum seekers in Germany, 2013/2014: Identification of Sabin like polioviruses.International Journal of Medical Microbiology,305(7), pp.601-606. Heisbourg, F., 2015. The Strategic Implications of the Syrian Refugee Crisis.Survival,57(6), pp.7-20. Poulakou, G., Bassetti, M. and Timsit, J.F., 2015. Critically ill migrants with infection: diagnostic considerations for intensive care physicians in Europe.Intensive care medicine, pp.1-4. Ullmann, E., Barthel, A., Tach, S., Bornstein, A., Licinio, J. and Bornstein, S.R., 2015. Emotional and psychological trauma in refugees arriving in Germany in 2015.Molecular psychiatry. Wolff, S., 2015. Migration and Refugee Governance in the Mediterranean: Europe and International Organisations at a Crossroads. Task 2 The response is regarding the views of the Cabinet office minister Matthew Hancock regarding defending of the decision of exclusion of individuals under 25 years in the policy. The respective person emphasized that the young employees are less productive hence the new living wage was increased to 7.20 for the employees over 25 years of age where as the hourly wage of the workers should be 6.7, 5.3 and 3.87 for people belonging to under 25 years, 21 years and under 18 years (Deakin et al. 2015). These particular decisions will create reduction in office tax credits and at the time of salary hike of the employees above 25 years keeping the wage rate low for the employees under 25. From different sources like Mr. Hancock opposed the decisions that determining the new wage rate for the youths will hamper the process of youth employment that has already started to fall sharply. The main framework of salary hike as proposed by cabinet minister Tory states that introduction of budget framework that the wage of the people above 25 years will entitle to increase to 9 within 2020 (Dathan, 2015). Any employer employing the people belonging to age group of 21 with better abilities should not be considered as underperformer and hence based on the productivity of the employees the wage rate of these employees will be reduced will not be justified. Hence, following the policies imposed by the government regarding employment wage rate, therefore it is not advisable to utilize the employment wages. Health Secretary opposed the minimized wage rate issues that is persisting in the employment scenario must be working hard like the Chinese in order to make up for the tax credits. Mr Hunt after discussing with Tory in the conference in Manchester stated that the law and the wage cut off in Britain would deteriorate the economy of the country and create employment disagreement like as if in the Chinese economy (Deakin et al. 2015). In addition, in the same way, Mr Hunt emphasizes that Britains law needs to be improved to ensure better growth of the economy in the upcoming 30 to 40 years. The confusion regarding the hard working abilities of the British people like that of the Asian countries has been questioned, where it has been directly pointed out that less wage rate is never going to be acceptable in British work environment. Hence, will hamper the improvement of the employment development infrastructure and might discourage the individuals from being attracted towards employment due to involvement of less payment (Dathan, 2015). After reviewing, the article it can be reported that there has been an argument regarding the decreasing wage rate for the employees under age group of 25 years. However, the introduction of the new wage scheme of the British residents will definitely be discouraging for the individuals as there will be situations that will derive less payment and demand more works. Hence, the incident has been reviewed as an argumentative form that highlights the mismatching policies framed by the British government and opposite response provided by other effective political and administrative figures of the country (Deakin et al. 2015). The article raises questions about the lack of commitment that will be created if the employees are not fully compensated in return of their employment or services to the employer. Similarly, it is also arguable that success of an organization depends on the commitment of the employees and at the same time, individual performance of the employees create better working environment (Dathan, 2015). Hence, it is justified to question whether less payment offered to the employees will be sufficient to bring the best performance and create positive opportunities for attaining organizational growth. Conclusion This particular task (Task 1) identifies the review of writing styles of the two articles that has been written regarding the migration of refugees in the EU and the countries like Britain and Germany and the response of the people and the government in this context. Another article highlights the consequences of arguments between the refuges and the police regarding boarding the train towards Austria. Task 3 is the reporting presented on the issue of diminishing wage rate of the employees belonging under age group of 25 years, assuming their productivity will be less due to their age and lack of skills. Reference Dathan, M. (2015, October 6th). Workers under 25 'don't deserve living wage because they're not as productive,' says Tory minister. Retrieved October 7th, 2015, from The Independent: Deakin, S., Butlin, S.F., McLaughlin, C. and Polanska, A., 2015. Are litigation and collective bargaining complements or substitutes for achieving gender equality? A study of the British Equal Pay Act.Cambridge Journal of Economics,39(2), pp.381-403.

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