Sunday, September 29, 2019

Character Sketch of Daniel from Daniels Story

Character Analysis: ____chapter 3__________________ Your task is to choose a character from the novel and draw a picture of them in the first box. Surround your picture with quotes from the novel, as well as adjectives describing their appearance. Next, describe your character’s personality, family, and the conflicts he/she is facing in the story. You must have at least 5 points in each category and evidence from the novel. For example: Daniel is a ‘†free spirit† because in Chapter 3 he disguises himself as a Hitler Youth and travels throughout Frankfurt, doing all of the things he isn’t allowed to do.Physical Traits (What does your character look like? ) 12 – 13 years old. â€Å"I had to be who I was – Daniel, a twelve-almost thirteen-year-old Jewish boy who carried an I. D. Card stamped with a big J â€Å"(p 28) â€Å"How I had loved skiing – the speed, the cold, the daring† (p 24) Personality (What kind of person are th ey? ) â€Å"She’s not only beautiful, though, it’s that her inner calm and sweetness shine through her eyes. I love to photograph her† (p 20). (mother) -finds beauty within, caring, enjoys photography, They aren’t all so bad, Mother,† I say, trying to make her feel better. How can I tell her that I’m looking through them to try to make sense of this nightmare? I can’t let her see how upset I am. It would only make her more miserable† (p 21) -Caring, hides feelings from mother, devoted, kind, empathetic, compassionate, concerned, thoughtful, â€Å"I remember Auntie Leah giving me Uncle Peter’s camera when she and her children moved in with us after they took Uncle Peter away†¦ and the first thing we did was turn one of the closets into a darkroom.Then I read every book I could on photography until I felt ready to begin taking pictures† (p21) -Brave for starting a darkroom when photos were banned. Ambitious, moti vated, excited about photography, hard working, knowledgeable, patient as he gathers knowledge, likes to be prepared, responsible, cautious, â€Å"I felt it was my duty to take over his responsibility as the family photographer. † Friedrich and I made a pact that we would photograph everything we could as a record of our ill treatment by our fellow Germans† (p 21). Trying to compensate/ take pictures in memory of his Uncle Peter, gathering proof/evidence of German behaviour, historian, loyal, responsible, reliable, trustworthy, makes promises and keeps promises, I remember powdering my face with flour as she and Erika were working and then shouting ‘boo’ at them. †¦ it felt good to be scolded about something ordinary like that – I think it made me feel that things were ordinary† (p25) -trying to remain positive, make life feel normal, prankster, joker, comedian, humour,

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