Thursday, September 19, 2019

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1.0 Introduction Digital information in China defined as information or records that are created in digital device and environment, also in digital format used device such as computer for access and process it (Liu, 2013). According to Voutssas (2012), digital preservation is the process of maintaining digital information using technology according to established policies and procedures as told by InterPARES (2006). National Archive of China and Latin America faced several problems in order to establish long-term preservation of digital information. Preservation of digital information is one of the activities that face with many problems than to print or other material format. The main problems are technological and economic that will influence the process of preserving digital information. For the technology obstacle, it’s related with the software, hardware, and also operating system that information may become unreachable and unfeasible and the cost use become high than others. Long-term pr eservation means that preservation that establishes for long period of times and need extra costs and personnel. 2.0 Discussion That’s important to preserve the digital information because to ensure that information still reliable and authentic for the future. This is because the information in archive has enduring value and act as evidence for some events. However, it’s not easy to preserve digital information because they need specialist to manage it and will face several problems. 2.1 Cultural Cultural problem totally about the awareness of people and institution in maintaining digital information by preserved them. That’s mean people in institution or organization in China and Latin America lack of awareness about the important of pre... ...need to think the ways to overcome the problems that exist while establish preservation for digital information or materials. The main problems that should be overcome are technology and cost problem. That’s problem related each other because in order to preserve digital materials, they need to use technology and assure need expert people to manage technology that they use and the cost will high. Besides that, the government should establish policies and procedures and give penalties to whose not follow those policies in preserving digital materials. This is to ensure that the materials preserve in proper way and maintain for future generation and the authenticity of the information still exist. Emergency plan also need to prepare in order to prevent that digital information damage while disaster such as backup or make copies and store in other storage media.

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