Friday, October 18, 2019

Managing people Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Managing people - Essay Example 246-250). In this scenario, an important element is to figure out during what time there is more record of absence, since it could be due to more excessive working hours, no offs per week, working extra hours, more work and less encouragement causing employees to feel the motivated and demoralized. It is important for the organization to assess the situation and design strategies to bring back the presence of its employees on a daily basis. And this also brings a lot of responsibility and looks upon the efficiency of the HR human resource management to skillfully design ways to encourage employees to come to work on time daily and be more productive for themselves and the company (Preece, 2010). A few interesting trends that follow absence in employees are as follows: When there is an air of downsizing in any company, related to its economic instability and productivity stress (McPheat, 2011). Surprisingly absentees are more common in youngsters than older employees. Analysis on a we ekly basis there is absence mostly on Fridays and Mondays. Earlier and even organizations are now following the Draconian Policies that just push away the employees and burden them psychologically. Instead if they understand the employee’s needs and follow a flexible off time from work schedule, including sick leaves, casual leaves, vacation such can be very helpful in the reduction of unscheduled days off (, 2013). According to a few HR Experts, they say â€Å"If a Company fails to give their workers a sense of their â€Å"Importance and Value to the Organization† such results in less motivation and dedication resulting in absence (Baker-McClearn et al., 2010)† Reputed organization consists of many bases in which management is the primary function at all. Without a tremendously functioning management, no organization can acquire an eminent position. Therefore, management requires several competent and credible employees to attain a good position. As w e find many organizations undoing and the critical problem behind their failure is the absence management (Preece, 2010). Absence management happens mostly due to sickness, unprofessional and immoral employees, and leniency in the policies. The foremost is the lenient policy gives an extra margin to recruits by which they get fearless of being off. Another chief reason of destabilized management highlights lack in the proficiency of the HR team brings immature employees into the company. What can be the effective approaches in the transformation of absence Management? In every state we find a military department as the most powerful and well being, functioning properly and accurately. The prime reason behind their success indicates proper training, maintenance of discipline, and the methodology in each act. They do the entire task with complete dedication without losing concentration on their work. This is the key which every organization has to grasp and implement it on employees b efore giving permit for the job. Therefore, training criteria must be created firm and even tougher than the actual job so it evidently determines the compatible employee. It also enables the organization to accurately evaluate the tendency of personnel rather than to judge credibility during ongoing job. Thus, it is the best approach in reckoning employees practically rather than to do blind trust on employees at

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