Thursday, November 21, 2019

Close comparative analysis of two passages Essay

Close comparative analysis of two passages - Essay Example At a glance, one can notice that the passages have same thematic concerns. Women are featured in both the paragraphs and poem. Human beings are the centre of these works. In both the works, the sketches of women characters are explained by the speaker of the works and then the real beauty is compared with the painted one. In first passage, the writer sees a painting that is present on his writing table. After seeing the painting, he remembers the woman character that is painted on the paper and expresses the portrayed character in words. He has used water colours to paint the figure of Laura Fairlie, a character who inspired him a lot. He explains that he painted the character as he has seen her. His described background is the same when he saw her for the first time. He was so inspired by the beauty and innocence of the character that he painted her on the canvas. â€Å"I look at it, and there dawns upon me brightly, from the dark greenish-brown background of the summer-house, a light, youthful figure, clothed in a simple muslin dress, the pattern of it formed by broad alternate stripes of delicate blue and white.† The summer-house, the figure of the lady and even her scarf with its stripes is quite prominent in the painting. Later on in the explanation about the portrayed lady, the writer explains the details about her clothes such as her gown, the straw hat with matching ribbons of the gown. After her clothing, the writer starts explaining the facial features of the women with the impact of her clothing. The writer gives a good attention to the eyes of the lady that are of blue turquoise colour. After elaborating about the features of the lady, the writer asks himself if he is able to see all these things in the drawing but the answer is in negative because the painting has faded with the passage of time and is

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