Sunday, November 3, 2019

Government mandated use of ethanol in consumer used gas stations Essay

Government mandated use of ethanol in consumer used gas stations - Essay Example Ethanol in the US is an alternative to foreign oil. The government established that it is easier to rely on ethanol for energy other than relying on foreign countries for oil. For many years, there has been use of oil as a source of energy in running machines. There has also been a constant rivalry between countries on the control of oil and its products. In addition to this, the oil wells are on the state of almost complete depletion and at one time, there will be no more of it. The government decided to seek an alternative source of energy that is reliable and easier to regenerate (Shawn & Kimberly 168). Another advantage of ethanol is that it is of an organic origin. Ethanol is a plant-based fuel whose production hails from agricultural products such as corn, waste paper, wheat, sugarcane and sorghum. The resources used to produce it are available locally from farmers. This easy availability makes it easier to rely upon as compared to oil. In using locally produced raw material, it also contributes to the development of the economy making it economically friendly (Gaffigan 42). Ethanol is environmentally friendly. When producing energy, ethanol burns cleaner than gasoline. Car users note that ethanol does not produce large amounts of toxic materials to the environment as compared to the alternative gasoline. The commodity does not contain toxic materials such as lead and benzene, which compose the components of gasoline making it toxic. This advantage, of being environmentally friendly, gains ethanol’s popularity over gasoline (Shawn & Kimberly 168). Although ethanol is friendly to the natural environment, scientists prove it very corrosive. Ethanol is a good absorber of water and dirt. This property enables it to absorb water and dirt in the engines of motor vehicles. In the event that the water and dirt does not filter out properly, it causes corrosion and a lot of damage in the interior of the engine block. In addition to

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